Visit by British Council to Women in Peace and Security (WPSN) on 19 /10/2017 to GADA


Members from the British Council and UK parliament paid a one day visit to WPSN to discuss activities of the Network, its interventions, outcomes and challenges in Riversand Bayelsa state


The meeting started with an opening prayer and a self introduction of participants. After the opening formalities the Executive Director of GADA Ms. Susan Bassey Duke welcomed British council representative and WPSN members as she gave an overview of WPSN activities since inception. In her speech, she saidthe women in Peace and Security Network is a loose network of different Civil Society Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Women groups, Community representatives, Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs), security agencies, the media, Male champions and interested individuals who have come together to ensure that there is;

  1. Sustainable peace and security in both Rivers/BayelsaState
  2. A reduction of Violence against Women and Girls in both  Rivers/ Bayelsa State respectively
  3. Gender equality and equity is promoted in the both States at all levels including Peace building and Conflict Resolution processes
  4. Strengthen Advocacy for the implement the United Nations Security CouncilResolution (UNSCR) 1325 in both Rivers and Bayelsa State respectively.


Ms.Bassey Duke stated that WPSNis convened by Gender and Development Action(GADA) in both Rivers/ Bayelsa State respectively working in partnership with the states Ministry of Women Affairs as its strongest ally to bring about the domestication and implementation and of the State Action Plan (SAP) United Nations Security Council Resolution132 which was officially launched on the 30th and 31st of August 2017 in both Rivers and Bayelsa States respectively.

She  further said the safe space which was startedfromthe 16 days activism in 2014 has been a practical physical space in addressing issues of VAWGs and have had a laudable response from security agencies been a major stakeholder. Talking on the State action plan on the UNSCR 1325 she said  Revised SAP was developed after consultative meetings with the South-South Zonal Technical Committee meeting in Asaba and was officially launched on the 30th and 31st  of August 2017 in both Rivers and Bayelsa States  respectively for its implementation. Inyingi added by saying, the sustainability plan of the Network was in view during its inception as members of WPSN are people already working on issues of VAWGs in their various platforms and I still committed despite no funding..Dr. Vetty  emphasized on the need for enabling laws and policies to be implemented and also talked on the need for a safe house  for a temporal stay of victims of Violence. She said the Deputy Governor has promised the network a space which they have gone to see but said it need a huge renovation. FIDA chair also emphasized on the need for the safe space as she said while  they  have many of the perpetrators  of VAWGs in court through a private prosecution , that survivor’s needs to be temporarily removed from the environment where they were abused for proper rehabilitation. Lilian okonkwo talked on awareness as she said lots of awareness has been done while the funding was on but that  the network would need supports for more awareness creation.  In her Response, Ms. Louisa Wassinghamfrom british council said she is very impressed with the work WPSN have collectively done and asked if men are also reached in this fight? Responding, inying said the media platform has been a community where a large number of men is reached as she said they are the most to call in media engagements and have been seriously championing the course. Ms. Loiusa once more expressed her delight and thanked everyone for their collective effort. In her closing benediction, the permanent secretary MoWA  on behalf of WPSN thanked British council for their visit and promised them fulfilling future collaboration with the network.


In attendance were;

1 Eunice Okam F GADA/WPSN
2 Tochukwuokoye F British Council
3 UkiAsemota F Deputy Governors Office
4 VettyAgala F MWAN/OBSTEC
5 EtomOfem M British Council
6 Louisa  wassingham F British Council
7 Alison beauty F British Council
8 Tochi .a. pepple F MOWA
9 Livingstone member M Rivers State Partners For Peace
10 Tonye dauphin M
11 Doris oyeneke F Mother of good counsel initiative
12 ChristaieIwezor F WPSN
13 Regina Balogun f Nigeria police(wpp)
14 Pepplekhadeeejah F WPSN
15 TeetitoAtosemiEson F Perm.Sec, MoWA
16 AnthoniaOsademe F FIDA R/State
17 EuchariaUranta- Okokwo F CEHRD
18 Lilian Okonkwo F NAWOJ
19 Comrade OpiErekosima F Chairperson, NLC (SWC)
20 Mirable Jumbo F GADA
21 Inyingiirighmaga F GADA
22 Susan Bassey Duke F GADA





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