Election Monitoring Report

British Council Courtesy visit Report

‘’Please, an issue is brewing between my husband and I. And I do not know how else to handle the matter without compromising my stance.
It seems my husband is not in touch with all the disturbing stories on sexual abuse of minors,
That’s why he could consider bringing his teenage nephew to come live with us, without thinking about the safety of our daughters.
The issue is that his nephew who has just gained admission into the University was initially meant to be staying with their relative- that lives in this town.
But the man is about to join his wife overseas.
The boy is just 16 and the mother (who is my husband’s elder sister) doesn’t want him living on his own until he is 18.
That’s why this other relative of theirs offered to have the boy under his wings but his visa application has been approved and he is about relocating abroad.
…leaving them with the option of having the boy move in with us for a while-as we don’t live very far from the School.
The problem is that I do not want the boy to move into our home.
For goodness’ sake, I have two young daughters!
My eldest daughter is just 12 years old and the younger one is 8.
Please note, I have nothing against the boy. And he has never misbehaved towards me.
But this is just too risky, considering the stories (of sexual abuse of minors) that are flying all over the place.
You know children can be mischievous.
It may not be the boy but what about the friends he would be making?
These are the issues that I tried raising with my husband over the weekend but he walked out on me.
And he has been eyeing me like he has seen a ghost.
Not that I don’t understand his anger…especially since the boy’s mother is family and she is not here.
But I also want him to reason with me.
We can’t jeopardize the safety of our daughters to please family. And we all know that prevention is better than cure.
I suggested they find a way to fix the boy up with an accommodation. And that as far monitoring his progress is concerned; I will play an active role.
Still, my husband refused to talk to me.
Friends, I need your views on this matter please.
I will forward all your comments to him.
Are my concerns unfounded?
All parties are from the South East. I am in my late 30s. Employed. My husband is a business man. Thank you.’’

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