Courtesy Visit by the State Women Committee (SWC) of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) Rivers State On 17/10/2017


The mail document the visit of the State women committee of the Nigeria Labour congress (NLC) build on 17th October to build partnership and synergy for a better and harmonious working relationship


 The meeting started with an opening prayer, self-introduction of participants and a solidarity song by representative of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) State Women Committee. After the opening formalities the Executive Director of GADA Ms. Susan Bassey Duke welcomed everyone present and asked to know the reason for the thoughtful visit. Responding, the Chairperson NLC State Women Committee, Comrade Opi Erekosima thanked GADA for her warmth reception and prayed their meeting will yield more meetings. Talking about the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC chairperson in her speech said various affiliates and parastatals that’ makeup the union, and said NAWOJ as an association is also under NLC. Emphasizing, on the reason for the visit,she said NLC as a union have recognized the huge work GADA is doing to curb the increasing rate of Violence Against Women and Girls(VAWGs) ravaging Rivers State, and said the State Women Committee of Nigeria Labour Congress as of necessity,have set up a Gender Desk and have come to seek effective collaboration with GADA towards exploring the potential of Women. Responding, Ms. Susan Bassey Duke expressed how pleased she was to see a Union of this caliber come to identify with acivil society group. She stated the various activities done by the Women in Peace and Security Network since 2014, and wished to have known them earlier before now, to be part of the network as she said is a loose network of different stakeholders convened by GADA.

Acquainting them about GADA’s history, she said GADA as an organization started in 1994 when they was need to provide alternate voices to women issues rather that those control under the control of the State. In 2006 GADA was nominated to anchor the Women’s Political Empowerment Program in the South-South zone of Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development (FMWASD) with a base in Rivers State. She Stated that the project was aimed at ensuring women’s access to full participation in political processes , Governance as well as increase women’s capacity to participate in Decision making and Leadership. She said GADA Port Harcourt currently anchors the FMWA’s political Empowerment project in the south-south and has over the years developed cutting edge expertise working with wide range of Local and International partners to implement actions around social economic, cultural and political rights of citizens in both the area of conflict resolution and peace building as well as curbing all forms of Violence Against Women and Girl’s (VAWGs) in the State.

Upon, welcoming their request, she said GADA’s work centers in building partnerships and developing individual and organizational capacities towards providing quality service for the people and promised them a very progressive collaboration as she said they are now automatic members of WPSN going forward. Concluding, the Chairperson State Woman committee expressed her delight towards the outcome of the visit and thanked GADA for her warmth shoulder. 



In attendance where;

1 Comrade OpiErekosimu f Chair .NLC State Women Committee 08037494966
2 Beauty N.g. Njiowhor f Asst.Sec NLC (SWC) 08032892509
3 Esther Eke f Auptre R/S 08063943290
4 Comrade Catherine T.cogdo f Auptre R/S 08038867666
5 IbinaboGogo-Abite f JUSUN 08030853499
6 BalaJackreece f Chairperson N.U.R.T. W 08030875305
7 Gift AwangiIchlio f RATTAWU 08037239891
8 Dublin Green f WazobiaFm/Nigeria info 08064679052
9 Ilanye Jumbo f RSTV/GCR 08035036103
10 Joy ogbuigba F NLC Office 08065707296
11 Blessing Isemin F Admin Sec ROH 09035607086
12 Pepplekhadeejah F WPSN 08055614407
13 Eunice Okam f GADA 08068279520
14 PiriyeBatubo f RATTAWU 08134244412




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