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The Women in Peace and Security Network has dedicated staff and members who have been trained on documentation, counselling and referral of incidences and cases of Violence Against Women and Girls.
Be assured that every information  submitted will be treated with respect and confidentiality. The best interest of the child is our guiding principle as enshrined in the Child Right Act of 2003, the United Nations Convention of the Right of the Child. The Women in Peace and Security Network will ensure this principle is followed with regards to cases of  child abuse especially sexual abuse.

When cases are reported here WPSN will assist with referral, counselling and documentation.

We encourage the Government, communities, families, individuals and the larger society to work towards preventing Violence Against Women and Girls, but when it does occur we also appeal and encourage people to report to challenge and bring a stop to the impunity that encourages Violence Against Women and Girls.

Report Abuse and Violence Against Women & Girls

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