Commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child facilitated by Gender and Development Action (GADA)

Date: 11th October 2017


This report documents the outcome activity of the commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child facilitated by Gender and Development Action (GADA) The Celebration of the International Day of the Girl child was declared by the United States on the 19th of December 2011 and has been celebrated in all the country on the same date with a theme for each year since 2012.  This year’s celebration is with the theme; “The power of The Adolescent Girl. The purpose of celebration is to bring attention to the importance of the Girl child in building Nation’s Economy, to spread awareness of the gender inequality and girl child empowerment worldwide and allows different people from different background to participate in the celebration. To commemorate this day, GADA carried out a school symposium at the Family support Program(FSP) Primary and Nursery School at the Ministry of Women Affairs to raise awareness as well as educate the Student’son;

  • What the International Day of the Girl child is all about
  • Sexual Abuses #Touch Me Not campaign
  • Importance of Education for the girl child

Eunice Okam talked on Sexual as she said child sexual abuse is a form of child abuse that includes sexual activity with a minor. She said it is called an abuse because a child cannot consent to any form of sexual activity. This kind of sexual abuse doesn’t need to include physical contact between a perpetrator and a child as there are many ways a child can be abused without physically contacted. She stated the forms and signs(physical and behavioral) of this sexual abuse and said majority of these perpetrators are someone the child or family knows. They are most times older siblings or playmate, family member, a teacher, a coach, an instructor, a caretaker or a parent who takes an advantage of a child’s vulnerability. And summarized by saying the Girl child can only get help when she speaks up to their parents, teacher or someone trained to immediately take proper action.

GADA Executive Director Ms. Susan Bassey-Duke talked on the importance of the Girl Child Education. In her speech, she said many girls in the world today have dropped out of school or never enrolled at all due to  early marriages, pregnancy and the male preference due to a believe that a woman is not supposed to go to school because she is by nature meant to get married and start procreating. She told them that Education is aFundamental human right and is to be availed to all citizens irrespective of age, sex and nationality. Education means to train minds character and abilities. Emphasizing on the importance of education she said its importance cannot be over-emphasizein the life of an individual as is a means to train minds character and abilities. She told the girl’s to be very happy because if it was in the north most of them must have been married with children by now. She concluded by urging them to become the voice of most vulnerable girls by advocating for them as she said “Females like their male counterparts have the right to education and skill acquisition.

In view of the year’s theme which is the; “the power of The Adolescent Girl’ the students held placards with a well-developed advocacy messages to popularize the injustice of the Girl child via various media platforms over the world.


(Student’s displaying placards for the injustice of the Girl child)




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