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As part of the Developmental Agenda in ensuring sustenance of all Peace processes, that will protect Women and Girls in Bayelsa State, the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development (MWASD) under the auspices of Women in Peace and Security Network (WPSN),a network convened by Gender And Development Action (GADA) with support from the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, on the 30th of August 2017 Officially launched the Bayelsa State Action Plan (SAP) on the UNSCR 1325.

The development of the Revised SAP was after consultative meetings with the South-South Zonal Technical Committee (ZAP) on the Implementation of the UNSCR 1325, constituted by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development in December 2016. This was part of consultative process that led to the development of a South-South Zonal Action Plan (ZAP). The Zonal Action Plan represents a breakdown of NAP priorities concerns in the South-South geo-political Zone. Due to the size and population of Nigeria, the NAP adopted the geo-political and Governance Structure. The major reason for having the ZAP was to allow for the identification of zonal peculiarities that will determine and shape the respective Action Plans of States within the Zone. After series of consultations and reflections on lessons learned and gaps identified from the non-implementation of the 1st Bayelsa State Action Plan, the Revised State Action Plan was developed in 2017.

The Bayelsa State Action Plan (SAP) outlines in details, Priority Actions, Core Strategies and Interventions by Relevant Actors, Stakeholders and their Responsibilities. It also provides Clear Indicators, Monitoring and Evaluation Benchmarks and Project Targets. It is anticipated that the Successful Implementation of the SAP will enhance Coordination among Stakeholders,raise Awareness, Visibility and Improve Accountability among State and Non –State Actors responsible for its Implementation. The SAP would enable Bayelsa State not only to develop work plans and Programmes Strategies but more importantly, provide the tools and Resources for Monitoring and Evaluating implementations of the SAP as a way of tracking the delivery of commitment on UNSCR 1325 in Nigeria The Resolution is premised on the implementation of a State Action Plan (abbreviated) as SAP – which is consistent with the NAP – National Action Plan of the FMWASD. The Resolution can be broken down into the 5 (five) Pillars (as in Ps) namely:


Pillar 1 – Prevention and Disaster Preparedness

Pillar 2–Participation and Representation

Pillar 3 – Protection and Prosecution

Pillar 4 – Post Conflict Reconstruction, Crisis management and Early Recovery

Pillar 5 – Partnerships Co-ordination and Management (CROSS- CUTTING)

The ultimate objective of the State Action Plan (SAP) is to vastly improve the Participation and Inclusion of women in all levels and areas of decision-making and developmental processes whilst protecting them from any form of Gender based Violence.  The embedding of these principles in the State Gender Policy and Gender sensitivity being a core principle in formulation and executing State Government policy.


  1. Preventing all forms of violence against Women and Girls by strengthening and utilizing existing Laws.
  2. Identify and Support gender Responsive laws and Policies.
  3. Actively document and promote best practice in conflict prevention and reduction in VAWGs
  4. Strengthen early warning response and reporting mechanism
  5. Protection of Women and girls in conflict and peace.
  6. Promote the culture of Peace
  7. Ensure Women participate in all levels of decision-making, Conflict Prevention and Recovery at grassroots, LGA and state levels
  8. Train Women as Peace  Mediators, Negotiators and Conciliators in Pre- conflict and Post conflict
  9. Train Women and girls in leadership and political education
  10. Actively commit and participate in the national Gender policy of 35% Affirmative Action for women
  11. Providing Training for all MDAs and Security Agencies Active in the State on Gender Mainstreaming*
  12. To protect Women and Girls from GBV and Prosecute and ensure quick trial of cases of GBV



(The Executive Director of GADA Ms. Susan Bassey Duke giving a Keynote address at the official launch of theBayelsa State Action Plan)

(The Executive Director of GADA Ms. Susan Bassey Duke giving a Keynote address at the official launch of theBayelsa State Action Plan)

( Fully represented is the Hon. commissioner MWASD, Permanent Secretary, His Royal Highness and many other dignitaries)

( Fully represented is the Hon. commissioner MWASD, Permanent Secretary, His Royal Highness and many other dignitaries)


(The official Launch of the SAP document)

(The official Launch of the SAP document)

Commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child facilitated by Gender and Development Action (GADA)

Date: 11th October 2017


This report documents the outcome activity of the commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child facilitated by Gender and Development Action (GADA) The Celebration of the International Day of the Girl child was declared by the United States on the 19th of December 2011 and has been celebrated in all the country on the same date with a theme for each year since 2012.  This year’s celebration is with the theme; “The power of The Adolescent Girl. The purpose of celebration is to bring attention to the importance of the Girl child in building Nation’s Economy, to spread awareness of the gender inequality and girl child empowerment worldwide and allows different people from different background to participate in the celebration. To commemorate this day, GADA carried out a school symposium at the Family support Program(FSP) Primary and Nursery School at the Ministry of Women Affairs to raise awareness as well as educate the Student’son;

  • What the International Day of the Girl child is all about
  • Sexual Abuses #Touch Me Not campaign
  • Importance of Education for the girl child

Eunice Okam talked on Sexual as she said child sexual abuse is a form of child abuse that includes sexual activity with a minor. She said it is called an abuse because a child cannot consent to any form of sexual activity. This kind of sexual abuse doesn’t need to include physical contact between a perpetrator and a child as there are many ways a child can be abused without physically contacted. She stated the forms and signs(physical and behavioral) of this sexual abuse and said majority of these perpetrators are someone the child or family knows. They are most times older siblings or playmate, family member, a teacher, a coach, an instructor, a caretaker or a parent who takes an advantage of a child’s vulnerability. And summarized by saying the Girl child can only get help when she speaks up to their parents, teacher or someone trained to immediately take proper action.

GADA Executive Director Ms. Susan Bassey-Duke talked on the importance of the Girl Child Education. In her speech, she said many girls in the world today have dropped out of school or never enrolled at all due to  early marriages, pregnancy and the male preference due to a believe that a woman is not supposed to go to school because she is by nature meant to get married and start procreating. She told them that Education is aFundamental human right and is to be availed to all citizens irrespective of age, sex and nationality. Education means to train minds character and abilities. Emphasizing on the importance of education she said its importance cannot be over-emphasizein the life of an individual as is a means to train minds character and abilities. She told the girl’s to be very happy because if it was in the north most of them must have been married with children by now. She concluded by urging them to become the voice of most vulnerable girls by advocating for them as she said “Females like their male counterparts have the right to education and skill acquisition.

In view of the year’s theme which is the; “the power of The Adolescent Girl’ the students held placards with a well-developed advocacy messages to popularize the injustice of the Girl child via various media platforms over the world.


(Student’s displaying placards for the injustice of the Girl child)




Courtesy Visit by the State Women Committee (SWC) of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) Rivers State On 17/10/2017


The mail document the visit of the State women committee of the Nigeria Labour congress (NLC) build on 17th October to build partnership and synergy for a better and harmonious working relationship


 The meeting started with an opening prayer, self-introduction of participants and a solidarity song by representative of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) State Women Committee. After the opening formalities the Executive Director of GADA Ms. Susan Bassey Duke welcomed everyone present and asked to know the reason for the thoughtful visit. Responding, the Chairperson NLC State Women Committee, Comrade Opi Erekosima thanked GADA for her warmth reception and prayed their meeting will yield more meetings. Talking about the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC chairperson in her speech said various affiliates and parastatals that’ makeup the union, and said NAWOJ as an association is also under NLC. Emphasizing, on the reason for the visit,she said NLC as a union have recognized the huge work GADA is doing to curb the increasing rate of Violence Against Women and Girls(VAWGs) ravaging Rivers State, and said the State Women Committee of Nigeria Labour Congress as of necessity,have set up a Gender Desk and have come to seek effective collaboration with GADA towards exploring the potential of Women. Responding, Ms. Susan Bassey Duke expressed how pleased she was to see a Union of this caliber come to identify with acivil society group. She stated the various activities done by the Women in Peace and Security Network since 2014, and wished to have known them earlier before now, to be part of the network as she said is a loose network of different stakeholders convened by GADA.

Acquainting them about GADA’s history, she said GADA as an organization started in 1994 when they was need to provide alternate voices to women issues rather that those control under the control of the State. In 2006 GADA was nominated to anchor the Women’s Political Empowerment Program in the South-South zone of Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development (FMWASD) with a base in Rivers State. She Stated that the project was aimed at ensuring women’s access to full participation in political processes , Governance as well as increase women’s capacity to participate in Decision making and Leadership. She said GADA Port Harcourt currently anchors the FMWA’s political Empowerment project in the south-south and has over the years developed cutting edge expertise working with wide range of Local and International partners to implement actions around social economic, cultural and political rights of citizens in both the area of conflict resolution and peace building as well as curbing all forms of Violence Against Women and Girl’s (VAWGs) in the State.

Upon, welcoming their request, she said GADA’s work centers in building partnerships and developing individual and organizational capacities towards providing quality service for the people and promised them a very progressive collaboration as she said they are now automatic members of WPSN going forward. Concluding, the Chairperson State Woman committee expressed her delight towards the outcome of the visit and thanked GADA for her warmth shoulder. 



In attendance where;

1 Comrade OpiErekosimu f Chair .NLC State Women Committee 08037494966
2 Beauty N.g. Njiowhor f Asst.Sec NLC (SWC) 08032892509
3 Esther Eke f Auptre R/S 08063943290
4 Comrade Catherine T.cogdo f Auptre R/S 08038867666
5 IbinaboGogo-Abite f JUSUN 08030853499
6 BalaJackreece f Chairperson N.U.R.T. W 08030875305
7 Gift AwangiIchlio f RATTAWU 08037239891
8 Dublin Green f WazobiaFm/Nigeria info 08064679052
9 Ilanye Jumbo f RSTV/GCR 08035036103
10 Joy ogbuigba F NLC Office 08065707296
11 Blessing Isemin F Admin Sec ROH 09035607086
12 Pepplekhadeejah F WPSN 08055614407
13 Eunice Okam f GADA 08068279520
14 PiriyeBatubo f RATTAWU 08134244412




Visit by British Council to Women in Peace and Security (WPSN) on 19 /10/2017 to GADA


Members from the British Council and UK parliament paid a one day visit to WPSN to discuss activities of the Network, its interventions, outcomes and challenges in Riversand Bayelsa state


The meeting started with an opening prayer and a self introduction of participants. After the opening formalities the Executive Director of GADA Ms. Susan Bassey Duke welcomed British council representative and WPSN members as she gave an overview of WPSN activities since inception. In her speech, she saidthe women in Peace and Security Network is a loose network of different Civil Society Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Women groups, Community representatives, Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs), security agencies, the media, Male champions and interested individuals who have come together to ensure that there is;

  1. Sustainable peace and security in both Rivers/BayelsaState
  2. A reduction of Violence against Women and Girls in both  Rivers/ Bayelsa State respectively
  3. Gender equality and equity is promoted in the both States at all levels including Peace building and Conflict Resolution processes
  4. Strengthen Advocacy for the implement the United Nations Security CouncilResolution (UNSCR) 1325 in both Rivers and Bayelsa State respectively.


Ms.Bassey Duke stated that WPSNis convened by Gender and Development Action(GADA) in both Rivers/ Bayelsa State respectively working in partnership with the states Ministry of Women Affairs as its strongest ally to bring about the domestication and implementation and of the State Action Plan (SAP) United Nations Security Council Resolution132 which was officially launched on the 30th and 31st of August 2017 in both Rivers and Bayelsa States respectively.

She  further said the safe space which was startedfromthe 16 days activism in 2014 has been a practical physical space in addressing issues of VAWGs and have had a laudable response from security agencies been a major stakeholder. Talking on the State action plan on the UNSCR 1325 she said  Revised SAP was developed after consultative meetings with the South-South Zonal Technical Committee meeting in Asaba and was officially launched on the 30th and 31st  of August 2017 in both Rivers and Bayelsa States  respectively for its implementation. Inyingi added by saying, the sustainability plan of the Network was in view during its inception as members of WPSN are people already working on issues of VAWGs in their various platforms and I still committed despite no funding..Dr. Vetty  emphasized on the need for enabling laws and policies to be implemented and also talked on the need for a safe house  for a temporal stay of victims of Violence. She said the Deputy Governor has promised the network a space which they have gone to see but said it need a huge renovation. FIDA chair also emphasized on the need for the safe space as she said while  they  have many of the perpetrators  of VAWGs in court through a private prosecution , that survivor’s needs to be temporarily removed from the environment where they were abused for proper rehabilitation. Lilian okonkwo talked on awareness as she said lots of awareness has been done while the funding was on but that  the network would need supports for more awareness creation.  In her Response, Ms. Louisa Wassinghamfrom british council said she is very impressed with the work WPSN have collectively done and asked if men are also reached in this fight? Responding, inying said the media platform has been a community where a large number of men is reached as she said they are the most to call in media engagements and have been seriously championing the course. Ms. Loiusa once more expressed her delight and thanked everyone for their collective effort. In her closing benediction, the permanent secretary MoWA  on behalf of WPSN thanked British council for their visit and promised them fulfilling future collaboration with the network.


In attendance were;

1 Eunice Okam F GADA/WPSN 08068279520
2 Tochukwuokoye F British Council 07015858911
3 UkiAsemota F Deputy Governors Office 08123267896
4 VettyAgala F MWAN/OBSTEC 08033421682
5 EtomOfem M British Council 07030773209
6 Louisa  wassingham F British Council 08033147174
7 Alison beauty F British Council 00447811405121
8 Tochi .a. pepple F MOWA 08038480553
9 Livingstone member M Rivers State Partners For Peace 08037254412
10 Tonye dauphin M 08030650594
11 Doris oyeneke F Mother of good counsel initiative 08035447808
12 ChristaieIwezor F WPSN 08033386449
13 Regina Balogun f Nigeria police(wpp) 07065148463
14 Pepplekhadeeejah F WPSN 08055614407
15 TeetitoAtosemiEson F Perm.Sec, MoWA 07031392985
16 AnthoniaOsademe F FIDA R/State 08037077594
17 EuchariaUranta- Okokwo F CEHRD 08038655487
18 Lilian Okonkwo F NAWOJ 08033367860
19 Comrade OpiErekosima F Chairperson, NLC (SWC) 08037494966
20 Mirable Jumbo F GADA 07035059664
21 Inyingiirighmaga F GADA 08067432036
22 Susan Bassey Duke F GADA 08037190878